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Pave your irresistible path from “Hi, nice to meet you” to… “When can we meet?”

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brain hickey
/brān/ /ˈhikē/

1. a long-lasting mark left on the brain by an unforgettable brand experience.

High-Ticket Relationship Businesses Whose Sales Cycle Begins With a Phone Call or Consultation…

Is your messaging unclear, inconsistent, or not converting leads?

It’s time to position your unforgettable brand and book more sales calls.


If I’m your ideal client… I find you online (or you paid to find me).

And I end up in your lead funnel.

Each day you email me.

One of three things happen.

I unsubscribe. *Gosh, he’s annoying…*

I stop opening your emails. *Boooooring.*

Or I respond. I set up an appointment. We talk.

How are most of your leads going?

Are your prospects excited to meet with you?

Are your leads converting as high as they should?

Is your ad spend being flushed away as you throw mud at the wall and see what sticks?

Must drive you nuts…

It sure drove me nuts when it happened to me.

Until I made the breakthrough.

Where people actually wanted to meet me… hell, they couldn’t wait to talk.

And after we talked, almost all of them wanted to work with me.

Looking back, I felt pretty stupid that I didn’t figure out why it wasn’t always like that.

It’s because my lead funnel was weak…

I was trying to “sell.”

And most of all – my offer was as weak as a cup of coffee from Denny’s.

First I tried offering a “FREE Consultation.”

Then I switched to a “FREE Strategy Session.”

Finally, I realized they both sucked.

I may as well have put a sign up saying, “Give me an hour of your time so I can try to sell you something.”

Then I made the switch – the breakthrough I was talking about.

I shifted my focus to accomplish three things.

#1 – I led with value.

#2 – I crafted an irresistible offer.

#3 – I gave my prospects exactly what they wanted.

…and everything changed.

I stood apart from my competition.

No one was offering what I was offering.

My prospects quickly began to like me, trust me…

And started raising their hands to say,

When can we meet?”

My prospects were finally resonating with my passion.

They could feel my excitement and commitment to helping them get their brand’s voice out into to the world.

And most importantly, I became like a magnet.

My niche defined itself and pulled at my target audience.

The right clients started flooding my doorstep (figuratively since I work online and all that…).

It was the breakthrough I was waiting for.

And now my entire business is focused on helping like-minded, service-driven professionals do the same.

Attract the right client.

Book more sales calls.

Present their service or offering like a rock-star.

Close the business.

Get referrals.

If you’re selling a high-ticket service…

If your sales cycle begins with a phone call…

Then you, my friend, are in the right place.

Together, we’re going to do this:

Position your brand to stand far above your competitors.

Craft your irresistible offer.

Design your slippery lead funnel (and I’ll even write it for you).

Refine your pitch so customers start knocking down your door to work with you.

If you are looking to attract more clients…

Book more sales calls…

And close more sales…

Then let’s have a chat.

I call it your Slippery Offer Session.

Here’s what you can expect during your Slippery Offer Session:

#1 – We’ll audit your existing lead funnel.

#2 – We’ll examine your current offer and start crafting a new, irresistible one 😉

#3 – You’ll leave with a plan to pave your irresistible path from “Hi, nice to meet you”  to… “When can we meet?”

Click here to schedule your Slippery Offer Session.

I won’t sell you.

Truth is, I don’t have the time to try and sell new clients.

I want you to feel like, “Hey, this guy is the right guy to help me connect with my ideal clients, book more sales calls, and refine my pitch so it feels like ME.”

If it’s not, no hard feelings.

We each go our own way, and you can take what you learned from our Slippery Offer Session at no charge.

And if it feels right to work together, we’ll dive in and hit a grand slam.

I’ll walk you through my process.

We’ll design and write your irresistible lead funnel.

We’ll work on your pitch and sales presentation.

I can even listen (or sit in on) your sales calls to give you outside feedback to help you form deeper connections with your clients so you can close more business.

So whaddya say?

Do you want to create deeper connections with your ideal clients?

Sell without feeling like you’re “selling?”

Reduce your customer acquisition cost?

Convert more of your leads into raving fans?

Today is your lucky day.

I’m Adam and I’m excited to meet you.

Click here and we’ll have us a chat during your Slippery Offer Session.

I get pretty fired up when I meet new business owners who are passionate about what they do and are committed to blowing their client’s mind…

So I apologize in advance for my enthusiasm and excitement.

No matter what, you’ll leave feeling inspired and with an entirely new outlook on your lead funnel and sales process.

I’d say I “guarantee it,” but you won’t be paying me for our call, so I can’t offer a money-back guarantee 😉

Either way… let’s rock this thing together.

It’s time to pave your irresistible path from “Hi, nice to meet you”  to… “When can we meet?”



To booking more sales calls,

-Adam Bensman

Founder | Consultant | Copywriter


P.S. Poke around our site and see what past clients have to say. You’ll find real screenshots from real clients that I’ve had the privilege of working with. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line and we can chat. Thanks again for visiting our site. I’m excited to help you pave your irresistible path from “Hi, nice to meet you”  to… “When can we meet?”